How Your Donation Helps

Home renovations

Home renovations (estimated $25,000)

Cole was at Holland Bloorview for rehab and schooling through the week and spent weekends at home for most of the winter and spring. In a compact house with a lot of stairs and no main floor washroom, it had been difficult for Cole to feel ‘at home’ at home. In May 2015 he moved out of Holland Bloorview and back home. Extensive modifications, such as the instalment of a stair lift, outdoor wheelchair lift and building an accessible bathroom were required to accommodate wheelchair living and ongoing health care needs.


Treatment (estimated $20,000)

To give Cole every possible chance to overcome the physical symptoms of the disorder, Clare and Grant are researching progressive spinal cord injury treatment that is not covered by provincial health care. Initially they will try treatment at a Toronto Neurophysio clinic but may pursue opportunities in the U.S. if required. The costs will be substantial but may hold the key to Cole’s successful rehabilitation.

Assistive devices

Assistive Devices (estimated $20,000)

There is a wide range of spinal cord injury devices and equipment available today geared to help maintain strength and improve movement – some covered by provincial health care, and many not. Clare and Grant are researching the opportunities and options, such as the Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike and Freewheel Wheelchair Attachment, with an eye to outfitting Cole with all he needs to be healthy, comfortable and an active participant in his own healing.

How to Help: You can donate securely online now or by cheque to Clare Jones or Coleman McLeod at any TD Bank, account # 1268- 6376435. Thank you!