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Cole’s fighting spirit!

     Cole is hard at work these days keeping in shape and working to improve muscle function. Here, he works with a physical therapist on boxing skills, taps into the latest functional electrical stimulation technology on the FES bike, which provides electrical stimulation to muscles to restore or improve function, and walks on the Locomat, which provides functional robotic…Full Story…

The Big Reveal!

Thanks to Morgan and Reiko, and all the folks at House & Home TV, for a fabulous look at the home modifications we put in place for Cole. It couldn’t have happened without our friends and family making that generous decision to help. Thank you!

Welcome home Cole

May 15 – Today’s the day Cole comes home for good! It’s a welcome day for Cole and his family, after months of missing each other over long days and nights of hospital stays and rehab. As friends and family gathered, Cole cut a ribbon before his inaugural use of a new platform elevator that replaces the ramp…Full Story…